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Forum Thread: Two blue lines on LCD

While in any mode except for auto on my Canon 7d I have one blue line on each side of my LCD while previewing my pics. These are close to the edge almost like crop lines however they do not appear when photos are downloaded and no cropping occurs.See more: Dave Arilotta's Profile « Wonder How To

Forum Thread: Shooting at Night in a Supper Club

Hello, I have been shooting at night. I have used a telephoto with 2.8 aperture, and the 100mm 2.8 macro lens. I don't use a flash at the request of the owner...distracting and images look washed out. I usually boost the iso, but I get so much noise even after post production. The shoot coming us is a high school reunion. Any tips that I might be missing. Also, they want most of the shots to be candid.

Forum Thread: 7d Blurred Images Problem

I've been using a 7d for about a month and I've noticed my images are soft or blurred on the right hand side especially if the subjects are in a line so the right hand image is furthest away. I need to cover the whole lens with sharp clear images and finding this frustrating and need to resolve this quickly as these are wedding photographs. Has anyone had similar problems where the 7d fails to be sharp all the way across a lens? Using sigma 17-70 lens worked perfectly with my 50d camera

Forum Thread: Sharpness Issues with the 7D

Is anyone else having problems getting sharp images with the 7D when shooting action. I've had the camera approximately 6 months and the results I am getting are appalling. Every image is soft! I've been shooting top class rugby and football for 15 years and this is by far the worst camera I've owned. It's not a lens issue as I use a 70-200mm 2.8 IS Canon. In the past I've owned 10D, 20D etc... and the image results from these cameras are far superior! Looking into this problem on the net it ...

Forum Thread: Changing Aperture on Nikon Lens with a Canon Body

I used to have a Nikon, with which I used a 55-200mm lens, and have since bought a Canon 7D, but don't really want to sell my 55-200 if I don't need to. I therefore bought an adapter so I can use the lens with the 7d, however, because the lens' aperture is changed digitally, the Canon body doesn't recognise this and I therefore cannot change the aperture the lens while using it on this camera.

Forum Thread: Continuous Shooting

I am in the process of learning my 7D(slow learner).  I have gotten to the point that I want to use the continuous shooting mode.  My problem:  when I set it to continuous shooting, if it times out automatically, it will reset to single shooting when I half click the shutter turning it back on.  I have checked the manual and video tutorials online, and found nothing that addresses this.

Forum Thread: Day Long Exposure Photography

Hi, I am using Canon 7D, 18-55mm Kit Lens, wide angle convertor, Hoya Pro1 Digital Filter ND x16 and a tripod to shoot a Daytime Long Exposure Landscape. I switch my dial to BULB mode, keeping my aperture to F22 and ISO to 100. I use a remote to control my shutter. After 1 min of shoot, My photos still comes out overblown. I have tried reducing and maximizing my aperture but I cant get a smooth LE Photos. I have missed out my chances of getting great photos in Turkey and China and I am leavin...

Forum Thread: Canon EOS 7D

Hello All, I Have a Problem with My Camera. When I Take a Picture, Information About the Pic Pop Up. I Am Wondering How Could I Get Rid of That Setting. When I Put It on Play Mode, Same Thing, I See the Info Related to the Picture.

Forum Thread: festival settings

Hi there, I've been lucky enough to get myself in the pit and a cherry picker at a music festival. Wanting a bit of advise on settings to use for the night time headline act, Orbital, they have a great light show so want to really capture that. Any advice would be grateful.

Forum Thread: I hope it's me !!!

I've been using a finepix S100FS for the past 4 years and absolutely delighted with it until it broke...Spent about a week looking at Canon cameras.. Thought about 600D, 60D but really splashed out on the 7D and Canon 18 - 200 lense as was told this is an awesome camera. I am really a point and shoot person at the moment until I learn manual modes etc. I spent the afternoon with my family indoors at Xscape and took about 50 pictures at crazy looked good on camera..Have j...

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