Forum Thread: Can I Remove the Red Squares When Viewing Photos on My Camera?


José from Puerto Rico. How do I remove the red squares when viewing my photos on the camera? Thank you for any help!

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Has noone responded to this post yet?! I am trying to figure out the red squares as well! :(

Hiya, when reviewing your pictures if you press the "Q" button and then scroll down to "AF point display" it gives you the option to disable it.

Wow, Just signed up as a member and the one of the limited number of thing I have found out how to do on my newly purchased D7 was that. I hope this goes a long way to getting help and answers to the up and coming questions I have as I am moving from full auto onto a bit of manual modes.

Turn the camera on, push menu, scroll over to the icon that has a list with the first one being "highlight alert", move the blue frame down to the line "AF point disp." push the button in the center of the control wheel from enable to disable.

Thanks spot on.

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