Filmmakers: Post your best 7D shorts

Post some of your favorite shorts shot on the 7D here. Please remember to credit source and filmmakers!

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8 Responses

Hi, here are some short movies I made with my Canon 7d.

There is also a making of in here at the end.

I hope you'll like it


Nice work Jean-Michel!

The special effects and cinematography are great!

Just finished this. Shot with two 7D's.

Awesome location, colors, and music.

This was the first thing we shot with my friend's brand new 7d.  It's a piece for a film challenge about 'Visualised sound'


Hi Jean-M, I loved so much your film.  I would like to know the canon 7D set up  that you  shot in this film, because the texture, deep of field, etc,   look like you shot with so much expensive panavision camera... Please tell me your secret. Thanks, Mari

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