Forum Thread: Help my Canon 7D is over exposing

I have a Canon 7D with a canon 24-105 lens and it is overexposing in this lovely weather on most auto settings, can someone please help. Gwil

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3 Responses

The best thing you can do is to use manual settings or you can try to switch to AV and change the aperture

With the 7D in Av mode, set the Aperture to f/16 or above, set ISO down at 100or 160 and let the shutterspeed take care of itself. If needed, lower the exposure compensation by a notch or two. You'll bluer skiers and more wider stretching focus.

Can I ask if you get the same results if you take a picture using the screen rather than the viewfinder? I have had a problem with my 550D and find all auto setting over expose (especially those without flash but the same image taken using the screen is perfect. I can use it in manual but really all the setting should work on a camera of this value.

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