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You've probably enabled the the aspect ratio info in the custom functions. Go to C.FN IV function 4 and select OFF.

Press the menu button, go to the next to the last menu on the right with the selection stick, then use the back wheel to move down to C.Fn IV Operations/Others and then press set. If the top selection (off) is not highlighted then that is you problem. Press the set button again, use the back wheel to select it, then press set again.

Thanks Dan, I forgot to reply back. I have no idea how those settings changed but I'm all set now.

Thanks again!

Hi Dan - I am not sure if you are still around as the comments above were two years ago...I have just returned from a trip and have had the same problem as above. All the photos I have downloaded have been automatically cropped, many in places where I didn't want them cropped.

Is there anyway of fixing this or am I stuck with them like this as they were shot like this?

Thanks for your help!

I had the same issue with the preview images on my 5D Mark III. Solved it by doing these:

go to C.Fn4: clear.
Clear all Custom Func. (C.Fn)
Press SET
Clear All Custom Functions Settings for Custom Controls will be retained?
Select OK.

Hope it works for you. Cheers

For those who still encounter this problem even after adjusting your aspect ratio, it may be that you were set to 1:1 during shooting. If so, you can use Canon's Digital Photo Professional to clear the cropping lines. I have an EOS 5D Mark III and Digital Photo Professional came on the disk. You can download Digital Photo Professional 4 from Canon's website. It works really well. I'm cleaning up my daughter's wedding photos now 'cause I was playing with aspect ratio settings one afternoon and forgot to set them back. THANK YOU CANON SUPPORT! :) Go into DPP4 and select all the images you want to remove the crop marks from and then click the 'Edit Images' button. A new window will open. You'll have to go image by image. Click on the 'Crop Image' button on the right hand side (looks like one 'L' inverted on top of another 'L') and then click 'Clear' once it becomes available. VOILA! Problem solved! :D

I went through a painful and annoying sign up process on this terrible website just so I could reply to this comment.

THANK YOU!!! You saved me a LOT of travel pictures that would have been close to irrreplaceble.

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