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Hi, I am using Canon 7D, 18-55mm Kit Lens, wide angle convertor, Hoya Pro1 Digital Filter ND x16 and a tripod to shoot a Daytime Long Exposure Landscape. I switch my dial to BULB mode, keeping my aperture to F22 and ISO to 100. I use a remote to control my shutter. After 1 min of shoot, My photos still comes out overblown. I have tried reducing and maximizing my aperture but I cant get a smooth LE Photos. I have missed out my chances of getting great photos in Turkey and China and I am leaving for Nepal in a while. Can anyone help me on how to get this method right. ASAP plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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The only explanation for this is that the ND filter is not good enough for the job. That's not to say that the filter is no good at all rather that it's still allowing too much light into the sensor. Remember, an ND16 is only preventing 4 stops of light (2x2x2x2) whilst the rest of the daylight is washing out your images.

You need a filter that will stop down much further - 10 stops will be good for the kind of thing you need to do...

Check these links for more info:

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