Forum Thread: how to turn on LCD screen?

how to turn on LCD screen?

the LCD screen is turned off and i can't turn it back on. i don't know what i did. i can get it back with the Q button but i want it to display all the time. how?

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I'm very new to DSLR's.  Just bought the 7D and am learning so what I say may be junk.  I have had same problem.  Only thing I know so far is if you enable live view in one of the main shooting or setup menus, in still shooting modes you can switch from default viewfinder view to live view by pressing the "start/stop" button.  But I don't know how to run both views simultaneously.  Maybe this reply will start some conversation for you and me.


I think I figured out what's up.  My prior response was about something else.

  I'm guessing what you want the LCD screen to display while shooting stills is your camera settings.  If so, I had the same problem.  Turn on the 7D in shooting modes and the LCD is black.  I was trying to use the "mode selection" buttons to set drive mode.  With the black LCD screen, when I pressed the AF/Drive button nothing would appear on the LCD screen to enable making changes.  In desparation, I reset all camera settings to default.  That didn't work.  Digging deeper, I found that I could reset all "custom functions", pg. 204 in owner's manual.  That didn't work  But, aha, while fooling with that, I noticed the Canon note at the bottom of pg. 229 that says, "If you turn off the power while the 'shooting settings display' screen is displayed, the same screen will be displayed when you turn on the power again.  To avoid this, press the <INFO> button to turn off the display on the LCD monitor, then turn off the power switch."

The converse also applies.  Get into the shooting settings display with the INFO button and power down.  The display will come on when you power up again.

It also solved my problem of getting the mode selection button selections to show on the LCD when needed.

Jay!! Thanks!
Worked like a charm.. Thanks for the tip! I've been banging my head coz of this problem.

Solution : Press and hold the <INFO> button and turn off the power switch. And then switch power back on. Wola! it's fixed.

The same button that you use for switching camera to video record that says "Start Stop"
press that button & the LCD goes on/off

If you are asking how to turn the lcd monitor (screen) on the back of the camera on and off.....then the info button next to it.

Oh my goodness thank you thank you thank you.

I thought I had broken my camera as I hadn't changed any settings and suddenly my Drive menu wouldn't appear!

All sorted. Seriously I am over joyed!

Thank you!

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