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Forum Thread: 7D Overheating While Filming?

Hey guys- first post here and I've got a question I'd like answered.  Earlier today I was filming with my 7D at 1280x720 60p and had been filming for close to an hour and a half with it when the scary flashing red thermometer came flashing on my LCD screen!  I was terrified.

Forum Thread: New 7D user

just a quick question.  i recently purchased a Canon 7D with a Canon 70-200mm f/4 IS lens.  for the most part, it's an awesome camera, however, when i use the zoom lens to take pics at my sons basketball game they come out grainy. i've tried playing around with the settings  but i just cant seem to get a really crisp shot.  could it be that the f/4 is not good enough and i would need to upgrade to a f/2.8?  any help would be great.

Forum Thread: Pop-up flash will not activate!

EOS 7D--After shooting with my 580EX Speedlight the pop-up flash no longer works. It appears the microswitch under the left side of metal potion of the hot shoe is depressed thus locking out the pop-up.  It thinks it still has an external flash in place.  Is there anyway one can get the microswitch to return to its normal position?  Though it is under warranty I have not time to send it in for repairs as I use it almost every day.  roisenp

Forum Thread: 7D video transfer? conversion?

Totally new & positively frustrated here.  This is probably elementary to many of you (judging from the video clips I've seen here. GREAT WORK!)    What do I need to do to get my .mov file to play smoothly?  I have it loaded on my computer but playback is jerky, video stalls while voice continues, etc.  It is a huge file 799,367kb (at least compared to my photo files I'm use to working with).  Tried to load it on to Youtube and it said it was going to take 133 minutes.  For some reason I thou...

Forum Thread: Anybody here?

This site offers amazing contact possibilities for 7D people; but I get the impression nobody is home.  Anyone else feel the same?  What can we do about it?  Maybe Canon needs to optimize us to be easily found.

Forum Thread: slow motion

Hi, I just got purchased the 7d which Im loving and I managed to figure out how to film and then watch my clip in slow motion on the lcd screen but when I transfer it to my mac its not in slo mo.  Is there way of transferring it so that its still slo mo?  Perhaps Im not meant to do this way not sure but if not then what is the point of having the slo mo function?    Thanks

Forum Thread: Third-party lens adapters

Hi all, I'm here to see if anyone has managed to find lens adapters that work properly on the 7D. I have manual focus/aperture lenses with Pentax K and Olympus OM mounts but the adapters I've tried don't work as advertised. I can't get any form of AF confirmation in either Aperture Priority or Manual mode, despite the description of the adapters saying you can. I've tried three adapters from different sellers, they all worked with my 300D but none with the 7D. The only modes they work in are ...

Forum Thread: Lens recommendations for my 7D

I just purchased a 7D for the purpose of shooting both stills and video. I wanted to have lenses that would cover almost everything I need for both of those objectives. I have picked up a Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS II, a Tokina 11-16mm and a Zeiss 50mm 1.4. Will that be sufficient or am I really missing out with the 17-69mm (minus the 50mm) zoom ranges? I've already spent so much money on all this. One thing I'm thinking I'm missing is a good macro lens because I do like to occassionally go to gar...