Forum Thread: Varying fps when shooting in manual (picture mode)

Hi there,

This may be a simple question...but it has perplexed me for a fair while.  When in picture mode shooting in manual exposure  with the frame rate set to continuous - High, why do i notice a change in the frequency of shutter actuations when i point the camera at different areas of brightness?  I would have thought that the manual exposure settings would overide any delay in the continuous shooting mode.  (all settings are conducive to achieving 8.5 fps) any help on this would be helpful, as i cant work it out. thank you.  Oh and this is the same with various lens types, sigma canon tamron and all in MF mode.

Any ideas please et me know.  Thanks

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It could be a few different reasons:

1. Shutter speed must be fast enough.  Not sure on exact speed, but probably around 1/500 or faster would be good

2. The shutter, though rated at 8fps in continuous burst, doesn't always achieve this.  I think in the manual or somewhere, Canon says that the camera averages 8fps.

3. Your CF card may be too slow.  45MB / sec or faster would be recommended.

4. Shooting RAW will definitely limit the number of continuous frames you can achieve, in one burst.

5. It may have something to do with the metering mode, this is just speculation, but it's worth a shot.

If all else fails, it could be the camera.  Call Canon and see what they have to say.  Hope this helps.

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