News: Story Behind the Still - Chapter 3 Winner

Story Behind the Still - Chapter 3 Winner

I recently shot a short film for director Keegan Uhl for Canon's Beyond the Still contest and our film "The Beach" won first place. We had a lot of fantastic support getting the film done, and I'm really glad to see people liked what we put together. Keegan put in a ton of work and it's always rewarding to win something like this, especially when the film was done all out-of-pocket. My Gaffer on the film, Matt Irwin was awesome as well. He provided a lot of his own equipment, and even provided some camera gear which was very generous. Without a budget, Matt was doing the work of 2-3 guys which while tough was necessary here. We were able to make 99% of our wishlist happen during shooting so I came out of it pretty excited to see the end product and I think it turned out well. What do you think?

I've included the film below, as well as linked to an additional version containing a technical commentary where Keegan and I talk a bit about the process. You can also see the film on my site by going to the Motion page or view it here. Until next time, cheers.

Story BeTechnical Commentary version here.

Keegan Uhl's site |   Matt Irwin's site

(originally posted on my blog. Check it out, more to come.)

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You won thats all that matters! looks great.

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