Forum Thread: Shooting without a flash indoors, low lighting

Hi everyone, I have a very basic question and I'm an amateur to say the least.  I will be at a restaurant tonight with the family.  I will not have the ability to bring a tripod, and it will be low lighting.  Any recommendations for the best setting.  Typically I shoot on the manual setting, but should I switch to Aperture priority?

Also the lens I will be shooting with will be the Canon Macro lens EF 100mm 1:28 L IS (It's my best lens and I'm looking to get some nice candid portraits)

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AV priority is best choice for portraits since you will not have time to adjust - restaurant setting is a very fluid, dynamic environment. TV priority will keep your shot from getting underexposed. In AV I would set to widest aperture and go for it. I found that 24-70mm F2.8 lens is a better choice vs. prime lens for this shooting application. EF 100mm IMHO is a bit too much zoom for close quarters, as you will find yourself backing away from the subject. It is fun to try anyway if this is the only fast lens you have!

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