Forum Thread: How to Recover Deleted Photos/Videos from Canon EOS 7D

"I accidentally delete some desired photos from my Canon EOS 7D. Is there any way to get them back?"

Accidentally deleting the photo in the camera is what we all don't want to happen. But sometimes, we may delete precious photos for some reasons, and this also makes us regret. Now that the problem has happened, we should set about solving it. Is there any good way to recover the deleted photos from Canon EOS? The answer is of course yes. The first step is to stop any new data writing operation once it has been deleted or formatted. A reliable solution is recommended to you.

How to Recover Deleted Photos/Videos from Canon EOS 7D Digital Camera

It's not hard to get the photos back in the camera. You can do it with a photo recovery tool. RePicvid Free Photo Recovery is effective to recover deleted photos and videos from Canon EOS, as well as other types like Canon PowerShot A/D/E/G/S/SD/Pro and Canon Rebel. After you deleting photos/videos in the camera, follow these steps to perform Canon EOS photo recovery.

Step 1. Download And Install Canon Recovery Software

The software offers Windows and Mac version. Download and install it according to the wizard.

Step 2. Connect Canon EOS 7D to Computer

Insert the camera card into card reader before connecting it to the computer. Or connect your Canon 7D to computer with an USB cable, which is provided when buying. The camera has a special socket for the data line to plug in, and any USB interface of the computer can be freely linked. Be sure to turn the camera on so that the software can recognize it.

Step 3. Select Canon EOS 7D for Photo recovery

Open the tool and select the recovery mode based on the interface options. Then select the location of the deleted files.

Step 4. Scan Canon EOS 7D with Deleted Photos

Click "Scan" to search for all photos and videos in the camera. It will take several minutes, so please wait patiently during the scan. After that, it will automatically list all deleted photos and videos. Check the files you want to restore.

Step 5. Recover Deleted Photos/Videos from Canon EOS 7D

Click on "Recover" and choose a folder of local disk to save photos/videos, Then it will automatically complete the recovery of deleted photos/videos. When the recovering stops, check the folder for all deleted files.

It is suggested that general digital camera or DSLR users use the USB cable to transfer data. When choosing and buying a digital camera, there will be an original data line working for data exchange. A transmission line is simple and easy, and don't need to unplug the camera memory card. And repeated operation will easily cause memory card damage, which can lead to problems such as data read failure.

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