Forum Thread: 7D Overheating While Filming?

Hey guys- first post here and I've got a question I'd like answered.  Earlier today I was filming with my 7D at 1280x720 60p and had been filming for close to an hour and a half with it when the scary flashing red thermometer came flashing on my LCD screen!  I was terrified.

I have filmed at hours on end in hotter conditions that I was filming in today, and never once had the overheating icon start flashing, but I normally film in 24 or 30P.  Could it be because I was filming in 60p?  Since it has happened once is it more likely to happen again?  Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.  I am getting to start work on a couple pretty big projects and its sickening to think that my 7D may be defective.  

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Hi Cody.

I've been filming with the 7D for about 6 months now, and I've had numerous overheating moments. I film in direct sunlight usually, so I assume this is the issue for me. I don't think your camera is defective, their memory cards just overheat too easily. If you're in the sun, I suggest wrapping something light colored/white around the camera (7D has never overheated while wrapped in a t-shirt, for instance). Also, if it's feasible, have a spare memory card on hand to swap to until the overheated one cools. This has saved me before! 

Hope this helps

hey guys, i have my 7d, and ill try to shoot in my airconditioned room for about 15mins with only 640x480, suddenly the red thermometer appears. is my 7d is deffective?imagine for that short period of time it goes overheat?how much more if a shoot something in outdoor condition. pls help me about this.


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